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Written by: Barbara Baristow, Manager Ewyn Studios Leduc


We are surrounded by people every day. We are interacting with people every day. We are influenced by people every day.

Take a look at the five closest people to you. Do you emulate yourself to be like them? Do they have habits and behaviors that will be successful to you? Who is your support circle, the most influential people around you, your group of 5?

In the motivational words of speaker Jim Rohn…”You are an average of five people you spend the most time with”.

Look around at the people nearest you as you continue your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Are those closest to you helping you or holding you back? Your motivating factor, your “why”, that leads you to make the change is what will keep you focused on your success. Your group of 5, are who will support that “why” and will encourage you to achieve that success.

Your support system is most important in your weight loss goals and life. It can make you or break you. If you have someone who acts as a temptation, not understanding or respecting your choice and how difficult it can be, you may want to change those who you surround yourself with. The wrong people may eat the “forbidden” foods in front of you, may tell you “it’s just one bite”, maybe they surprise you with treats and dinners out, but they are not thinking of how important your goal is. Honestly, there will be some people who actually do not want you to succeed, but do not let that stop you from success! You may have to distance these people until you feel strong enough to be around them. But do not forget! There will be those who empower you! Cheer on your success! They have your best interest in social situations, and they support your goal. They may not always understand it, but they support it none the less! These are the people you want around you, that you need to choose for your group of 5.

If we are the product or likeness of the closest 5 people around us, why wouldn’t we have those cheering for us, the determined and driven, the winners with you all the time? With these 5 chosen people, your chance of success in both weight loss and life will be greater than it has ever been. Remember, you don’t have to turn away from the people who don’t have your best interest, they just need to be distanced for a while and given a “limit” to what they have access to.

Who are the people with characteristics you wish to have? Who are the people that make you feel like Superman or Superwoman? That empower you to rise up? Those are the people you want to initiate into your group of 5. If they are not already around you, reach out and tell them their value to you, ask them to join you during your journey. I can guarantee you they will not say no. These people are leaders and mentors by nature and will act when called upon.

“If you build it, they will come”