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Written By: Dean Esser

Like protein powders and other types of health supplements, the term “pre-workout supplement” can refer to a variety of products.

As the name suggests, pre-workout supplements are intended to be taken immediately before your workout. Why? The general idea is for these supplements to increase your energy, focus, strength, endurance and overall performance for the coming activity. But, are there actually any benefits to using pre-workout supplement?

As mentioned, the goal of a pre-workout supplement is to enhance the quality of your workouts or cardio. But not only that, a pre-workout supplement can be taken to increase your energy throughout the day, just like a coffee or energy drink!  Precisely how this is accomplished will depend entirely on the ingredients found in the product of your choice.

Typically, pre-workouts include stimulants like caffeine to increase your energy levels, along with various other substances intended to make your body better equipped to handle the demands of your workout. Some of those specific benefits include:

1. Increase Energy Levels

Anyone who has ever tried to power through a workout or cardio after a poor night’s sleep or long day at work knows what it’s like to feel as if your athletic performance is suffering.

You deserve kudos for doing your workout/cardio while feeling so tired, but it can simply be disappointing to know that you’re not able to put in 100% of your effort because of your low energy levels.

This is the number one benefit of using a pre-workout supplement before hitting your workout/cardio.

2. Improved Performance 

Thanks to that added burst of energy from your pre-workout supplement, you’ll be prepared to walk faster, or train harder and longer than you normally would be able to.

Improving performance in your cardio or workout, means more calories burned and thus more fat loss and weight loss.

3. Increased Focused

The benefits of using a pre-workout supplement goes beyond physical performance; you will be more focused and have a clearer mind, to keep hit your workout or cardio and make the most of it for that day.

Dieting or eating clean and achieving weight loss goals is not all physical, there is a huge mental component, and it can be easy to psyche yourself out or lose motivation and quit early. A pre-workout supplement will help you with your motivation levels and help you concentrate on the task at hand.

4. Speed Up Your Recovery Time

Muscle soreness and fatigue after an intense workout or cardio session can make you feel incredibly accomplished, but they can also slow down your recovery time and delay you getting back to your next workout or cardio.

Ingredients in your pre-workout supplement can help your sore muscles recover more rapidly and promote faster healing. Faster recovery time means less down time between workouts, and more efficient cardio sessions each and every time.

So, are pre-workout supplements beneficial? Simply put, pre-workout supplements allow you to work at higher intensities than you might otherwise be capable of. As a result, your body will make more rapid changes as it adapts. Most pre-workouts are formulated to increase performance and muscle.  Ewyn’s Pre-Workout not only has these benefits, but it also has ingredients to increase fat burning and weight loss. Ewyn’s Pre-Workout has Exactly What You Need!