Beauty Bundle


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Hey, guess what? You’re beautiful already! But this Beauty Bundle is filled with Exactly What You Need to make you even more beautifulerer… that’s a word right?  Our multi-source Collagen will have your skin, hair, nails, pretty much everything looking and feeling better.  Adding in our Omega 3 & our Advanced Multivitamin Formula will improve all of the above as well while giving you optimal health benefits.

  • 1 Multi-Source Collage (Formerly known as Beautiful U)
  • 1 Omega 3
  • 1 Multi-vitamin

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Beauty Bundle

Bundle contents:

  • 1 Multi Source Collagen (Formerly known as Beautiful U – Four Week Pack)
  • 1 Omega 3 (One Month Supply)
  • 1 Multi-vitamin (One Month Supply)

Multi-Source Collagen

  • Improves your hair, nails & skin
  • Improves your health & appearance
  • Posses potent anti-aging properties
  • Reduces your inflammation