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Staying On Track When You’re On The Road


This time of year, we often get requests from our clients asking for tips on how to stay on track while on vacation. Staying in a hotel, airline travel, and road trips can cause significant difficulties when sticking to a meal plan.


With travel restrictions beginning to relax, many of you may be planning modified vacations such as road trips within your province, so we thought we would take this opportunity to provide you all with some great tips to plan ahead and stay on track when you hit the road:


  1. BEFORE you get there, look up potential restaurants en route and at your final destination to check the menu for healthy options.
  2. Call your hotel to ask for a kettle, microwave, and fridge in your room so you can prepare breakfasts and snacks.
  3. Check for nearby grocery stores or markets for fresh, real food essentials; greek yogurt, berries, veggies and protein.
  4. Trip permitting, bring your own travel pack of “Power Tools” – a bowl, cutlery, shaker cup, tea mug, steamer, omelette maker, prep bowls, and resealable bags.
  5. For road trips, fill a small cooler or insulated lunch bag with essentials (veggies, fruit, protein-filled wrap, greek yogurt, etc.) and water with Revive or tea. Have picnics instead of fast food!
  6. Eat before you leave or take a meal to eat on the go. Try a mason jar salad – easy, delicious, and packed in a reusable container! Load up on veggies whenever you can.
  7. Use the hotel pool and ask locals for walking trail recommendations.
  8. Stick to your exercise routine and eating schedule as much as possible.
  9. Travelling can cause occasional constipation, so pack your PM/BM or GE Pro Zyme and use daily while on vacation.
  10. If you encounter a meal out, take Carb Control or Cheat It to help with carbs and alcohol.
  11. When you return home, get right back on track and add an extra bottle of water daily.


As our lives slowly get back to normal, we hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy a vacation or stay-cation after so much time at home. Follow our tips and keep reaching your goals no matter where you are!