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Written by: Dean Esser


A supplement that you can take once a day and will prevent you from getting fat despite allowing you to eat anything you want. That magic pill to eliminate your fat, unfortunately just does not exist, but it hasn’t stopped researchers from trying to discover it. But what if you just didn’t absorb the calories you ate?

Fat Blockers are dedicated to preventing calorie uptake and absorption. Only one problem is, they can’t block all your calories alone, they sometimes block nutrients as well. So, the question is, are they worth taking? If you are absorbing fewer nutrients, is it worth taking to absorb less calories?

Any fat blocker will work in one of two ways:

  1. There will be an enzyme that’s vital in digesting a macro nutrient and the blocker will target it and keep it from doing it’s job.
  2. The blocker itself will seek out and bind to the fat molecule. When the blocker and the fat molecule are connected, the fat molecule can’t be absorbed.

Do Fat Blockers work for Fat Loss?

Yes they do!  But a few things to remember:

  1. They can’t cause fat loss, only prevent fat gain.
  2. They can reinforce bad habits since many people think they can get away with eating anything they want regularly.
  3. Taken too often they can create a compromised metabolism and prevent your body from burning fat properly.

So, should you be taking a Fat Blocker? If used in moderation and properly, they can be a very effective tool for eliminating weight gain, especially during a ‘treat meal’ or ‘cheat meal’. They can help reduce weight gain during these high caloric times. So Yes, a Fat Blocker used in moderation can be a great tool to stay on track when the road gets tough!

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