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Meal Planning for Camping


Losing weight while camping is going to take some discipline since most of us will be camping with other people who may not have the same goals as you! Before you set out on a camping adventure with others who may not be as supportive as you would hope, make a list of all the reasons you started your journey. Seems simple, but those who have a clear understanding of their “why” are much more likely to stick to their new healthier lifestyle. You need a clear understanding of what the result is when those “friends” are trying hard to sabotage your efforts. Once you make your list, be sure, to read it daily (a good time is with your morning coffee before everyone rises so you can set your positive intention for the day.) I have clients who put all these “whys” on the back of a photograph of where they are now to remind them why they started! Or maybe a picture of the dress you want to wear or the shorts you are working towards😊

Now that we are feeling strong and motivated as to why our goal is important, let’s move on to how we are going to prepare ourselves for success! First, we need to plan, plan, and then plan again! Planning your days away is going to be the key to your success. Download Ewyn’s handy meal planner to get your head around how your days are going to shape up. Don’t get me wrong though, we can plan everything and then it rains and that campsite snack gets rained out so plan to be flexible with your meal plan. If you must switch things around to make it work then go for it. If you are camping in a trailer. this will be a breeze. In a tent may be a bit trickier as you will not have a fridge or freezer to keep things frozen until you need them. If you are tent camping, you may want to precook most of your food so it stays fresh and makes it much easier to prepare at the campsite. One of my favorites is pre-done spaghetti! I precook it all and even mix it with the quinoa pasta ahead of time, then just warm it up on the campfire and tada! Camping Italian style! Be sure to add a treat meal into your plan as well. Pick one night when you can enjoy a hot dog or sausage if that is your family’s go-to camping food. Pack your Cheat It so you can enjoy it and minimize the damage.


Check out this one-day sample camping menu with recipe ideas.


Here are a few must haves on your menu:

Boiled eggs

Veggies pre-cut and washed

Baked potatoes

Fruit washed and ready to eat, especially apples (Check out these yummy apple snacks!)

Pre-portioned pistachios and almonds

Instant oatmeal (plain)


EVO Whey protein

Ewyn-exclusive protein bars

Homemade frozen hamburgers

Canned tuna or salmon

EVO Revive


Now that we have our meal plan, the camper is packed and off we go! If you are traveling any distance be sure to read our blog entry on travel tips. Once you arrive, up your activity level. Camping is a great time to enjoy a hike, go for a bike ride or just enjoy playing with the kids. Bring activities that encourage physical activity, so you keep moving. Challenge yourself to get up every hour and do 10 minutes of walking or activity. Check out our blog on fun outside activities you can do with the kids for some ideas! Do not forget the raincoats so even if it rains you can go puddle jumping with the kids.

Now let’s talk about fluid… this is not the time to forget your water! Make sure you bring bottles of your own water for the trip so you can still get your 8 glasses in daily. Use your EVO Revive to help flush fluid and give you some energy mid-afternoon. If alcohol is a big part of your camping regime ohhh… first pull out that note you wrote yourself on “WHY” you embarked on this weight loss journey… hmmmm maybe only 1 drink today! Alcohol causes fluid retention, slows the metabolism of fat and if we have too many, causes us to make poor food choices which leads to weight gain. This is why it’s extremely important to keep drinking to 4 oz per day. My trick… do 2 oz and add soda water or diet sprite to make a spritzer or a shandy if you are a beer drinker. If you like the hard stuff, mix 2 oz in a big shaker cup of EVO Revive. It will look fancy and you will be cutting the alcohol down while helping flush fluid. Win-win!

Camping is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy time with family and friends, but it does not have to cause you stress while you are on your weight loss program. If you need help with meal planning, prepping and supplementation to support you while you are gone, reach out to your health coach today for more great tips! And Happy Camping!